GIPS Advantage

Most organizations are beginning to realize that people are their Most Important Asset. It is not the machine, but the man behind the machine that is the most valuable asset of any organization and the single most determinant of its success. It is the intelligence and collective endeavor of people, which is the sole key to success. It is not only leadership and good management but also a creative development of this asset that counts in today’s world. To do so, it is imperative that the right candidates be selected for key positions.

As your Executive Search Consulting Partner, we strongly believe that we need to support you with a balanced and strong recruitment value chain

  • Domain Knowledge

  • Process Articulation

  • People

  • Infrastructure

  • We at GIPS work in this nouveau set of order, and keep pace with the global demands.

    Domain Knowledge

    GIPS most important strength is its domain knowledge of the various industry sectors it operates in. As any HR Manager would vouch for, identifying an individual with the exact profile for a job is the toughest aspect of recruitment. It's reasonable for a HR Manager to expect his vendor to be equally well-informed of the

    We maintain the highest levels of confidentiality of information entrusted to us, by client organizations and candidates. We are sensitive to the individual and diverse needs of client organizations, and adapting our knowledge and experience to suit their specific requirements.

    The experience and wisdom has equipped GIPS to offer exacting and timely solutions to the needs of organizations and candidates.

    GIPS’ success is reflected in a rich legacy of prestigious corporations and individuals who rely on the firm to deliver the most appropriate


    By outsourcing your HR functions to GIPS, you can accrue fundamental benefits to your organization. Some of them are:

  • Enables you to focus on core operations.

  • Delivers cost savings, directly or indirectly.

  • Helps you aim to achieve business goals rather than getting bogged down by processes.
  • Process Articulation

    GIPS has developed well-oiled processes to ensure timely and satisfactory completion of assignments - be it executive search, mass recruiting or contract hiring.

    All assignments are process-driven to ensure that the client (employer or candidate) is well-aware of the progress, irrespective of the consultant who is handling the task.

    We have an extensive executive database across all industries / cities in most management functions. GIPS performs a stringent background check of all the candidates from our databank to ensure our recommended candidates do not have a chequered past. Our Executive Databank maintains and regularly updates the profiles of candidates from various industry segments such as Tax, Audit, Legal Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, ITES, Banking/Finance/Insurance,

    To facilitate Executive Search and Placement across India, GIPS has strategic associations with highly reputed Executive Search Firms in other Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. These strategic associations help us have access to the databases of our associates to give you a precise and swift response across chief Indian cities.

    In today’s vast integrating global village where multitasking and high stress plays an influential factor in impacting results, every professional organization is concerned about the emotional intelligence of employees. GIPS Management recognizes this need and has constructed a psychometric test to measure a person's emotional intelligence and gives a unique psycho-profile of the candidate applying for a job. Working through the tests will give the candidate the ability to improve their skills in the key areas of lateral thinking, problem solving, and intelligence.

    The policies and processes of GIPS Management adheres to the laws of the land, and we strive to practice business in the most appropriate way - with client organizations, candidates, employees and business partners. In addition, we have an open mind to explore new processes and innovations to improve the quality of services to client organizations and candidates.

    Our Strength

    Our good will as an executive search firm comes from the satisfaction of our clients, after successfully serving in employee recruitment and consultancy services since nearly Two decades. According to the contracts, we mobilize a single person or an entire workforce based on our client's need. Again, GIPS’ team-based work culture ensures that employees have the opportunity to learn, develop new skills or pick up new competencies relevant for the company's growth.

    The operations of GIPS is headed by Mr. Suresh Kewalramani, a dynamic entrepreneur and new generation leader having a profound and extensive experience of 20 years in recruitment consultancy and overall 35 years in business.

    The company is supported by a dynamic second rung of consultants. In keeping with the current industry requirements, GIPS has developed a mix of professionals with domain and functional experience, who act as a like-minded sounding board to the customer - who could be an organization or a candidate. The educated approach provides a platform for the customer to identify the necessary competitive edge.


    GIPS is headquartered in Mumbai, a major hub for the entire Asia / Pacific region and handles ALL INDIA positions for professionals at CEO, President, VP, Senior and Middle management levels - across all management functional areas, specializing in executive search both retained & contingent, helping provide companies with the finest talent available and quality management consultancy.

    To ensure timely solutions to demanding customers, a superior IT infrastructure is imperative. Over the years, GIPS has invested significantly higher than the industry average, resulting in a robust hardware and software set up.

    The strong IT ecosystem enables GIPS' consultants to efficiently manage the recruitment value chain - from swiftly identifying the right resume for the right position and following it up to its logical conclusion, all with accepted standards of transparency, confidentiality and commitment.